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Recent projects

Below are some samples of recent projects. Let them inspire and I look forward to what your next project will develop.

Reinventing Macbeth: Post-Apocalyptic Costume Design

In the dark and twisted world of a post-apocalyptic Macbeth, where new societies arise in the ruins of underground railways, the spotlight shifts to costume design. At the heart of this transformation are Hecate and her three witches, reimagined as…

Introducing the Scenic Fitch Rating: A New Perspective on Film Reviews

Today, I had an exciting revelation that’s set to remake the way I approach film reviews. I’ve devised a unique rating system, the “Scenic Fitch Rating,” to evaluate movies based on their achievements in visual storytelling. This innovative approach promises…

The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World

I wrote a short (for academics) position paper on the French New Wave and Production Design for an online publication called The Cine-Files.  It was actually fun to get a little (maybe a lot) nerdy about the history of the production design…

Unearthing the Scenic Triumph in “Intolerance” (1916)

Director D.W. Griffith often remembered for his controversial film “Birth of a Nation” (1914), embarked on an ambitious project in 1916—”Intolerance.” This epic silent film, with art direction by Walter L. Hall, aimed to depict how hatred and intolerance have…