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I come from a long line of strong, enterprising women. Their impressions have fueled my interest in the tangible ways people define their identities. The things people collect around them, the sequence in which they are obtained, and what they choose to omit are all equally important.  Even though I sometimes describe my work as “Architecture for Film”, it is so much more.  I have the heart of an archeologist, the curiosity of a designer, and the mind and training of an engineer.  With each project, I seek novel and ever more subtle ways to depict origin stories; etching character’s life paths into historically accurate environments..

"I am inspired by both built and found location work and the idea that dramatic transformation can take place anywhere."

We can recreate the Guggenheim on a soundstage or turn an abandoned jail into a swanky urban nightclub. So, as my career progresses, I will keep a firm eye on my ultimate goal: to lead the art direction for feature films where I can conjure fantastic cinematic realities.


Please Don’t Destroy, Vol. 1

(2023) Universal Pictures
Production Designer: Bruce Curtis
Art Director: Chris Cornwell

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

(2023) Marvel Studios
Production Designer: Hannah Beachler
Supvr. Art Director: Brad Ricker


((2018) New Line Cinema
Production Designer: David Sandefur
Art Director: Priscilla Elliott

True Memoirs of An International Assassin

(2016) PalmStar Media / Netflix
Production Designer: Toby Corbett
Art Director: Thomas Mintion

Alvin & The Chipmunks: Road Chip

(2015) 20th Century Fox
Production Designer: Richard Holland
Art Director: Paul D. Kelly

Blue Beetle

(2023) Warner Brothers Studio
Production Designer: Jon Billington
Supvr. Art Director: Jay Pelissier

Hillbilly Elegy

(2020) Netflix
Production Designer: Molly Hughes
Supvr.Art Director: Greg Weimerskirch

Uncle Drew / Umpire

(2018) Lionsgate
Production Designer: Doug Meerdick
Art Director: Mark Garner

Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol. 2

(2017) Marvel Studios
Production Designer: Scott Chambliss
Supvr. Art Director: Ramsey Avery

Blue Beetle

(2016) FilmNation Entertainment
Production Designer: Michael Corenblith
Art Director: Hugh D.G. Moody


Genius: Aretha Ep. 301-308

20th Century Fox Television
Production Designer: Tim Galvin
Art Director: Danny Brown

Dynasty: Episode 201-322

(2018-2019) CW Network / CBS
Production Designer: Garreth Stover
Art Director: Cedar Valentine

Hap & Leonard: Episode 301-306

(2018) Sundance / AMC
Production Designer: Clark Hunter
Art Director: Shawn Bronson

Making History: Pilot

(2017) 20th Century Fox
Production Designer: Richard Wright
Art Director: Elliott Glick

Finding Carter: Episode 213-224

(2015) Pop Films / MTV
Production Designer: Jeffrey Gordon Pratt
Art Director: Cedar Valentine

Greenleaf: Episode 301-316

(2017-2018) Lionsgate / OWN Network
Production Designer: John Hansen
Art Director: Guy Tuttle

Being Mary Jane: Ep. 401-420

(2017) BET Network
Production Designer: Anne Stuhler
Art Director: Cedar Valentine

True Fiction: Pilot

(2016) Bravo TV: NBC Universal
Production Designer: Jeffrey Gordon Pratt
Art Director: Cedar Valentine


MEDIA (2017) TV Movie

TV ONE Network
Role: Production Designer
Director: Craig Ross

The Secret Number (2012) Short

Savannah College of Art & Design
Role: Art Director
Director: Colin Levy

The Boss (2016) Feature

NBC Studios
Role: Art Dept PA
Production Designer: Rusty Smith
Art Director: Heather R Dumas

Space Jockey Pursuit (2013) Feature

Role: Art Director
Director: Brian Titshaw
Prod. Designer: Sally Schnellinger

“Can’t Stop the Flow”: Music Video

Taylor Park Entertainment
Role: Art Director
Artist: Porschia

Resurrection: Episode 201-213 (2014)

ABC Studios
Role: Set Dec PA
Set Decorator: Maria Nay
Production Designer: Paul D. Kelly

Education & OTHER Experience



As a Computer Products Group Intern , I spearheaded the design of an employee hours tracking device, aligning marketing strategy with product development. I proposed assembly standardizations and kiosk redesigns after hands-on experience on the production floor, enhancing production efficiency and product quality. My diverse 3D modeling and graphic design skills enriched my contributions.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelors Industrial Design


Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelors Industrial Engineering



As a Marketing Project Specialist, I played a pivotal role in product specifications and showroom space coordination, particularly the annual redesign of the Chicago Showroom for NeoCon events. I created seven product training series, compiled an industry competitor database, and efficiently managed inventory distribution, resulting in substantial cost savings.


Horizon Theatre Company

As a Graphic Designer, I was responsible for crafting web, print, and collateral materials to enhance marketing, play production, and fundraising projects, contributing to the company's overall brand presence and diverse initiatives.



As a Contract Brand Consultant, I was instrumental in crafting presentation materials and graphics for development proposals and bids, ranging from $4M to $9M in commission. These resources also served as valuable internal case studies, supporting professional growth within the firm.


Savannah College of Art & Design​

Master of Fine Arts Production Design



I worked on a wide range of projects from tent-pole features for Marvel like Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and WB's Latin American superhero, Blue Beetle, indie films such as New Line Cinema's TAG, and FilmNation's McDonald's-origin bio-drama, The Founder, streaming products for Netflix like Hillbilly Elegy and True Memoirs of An International Assassin, culturally relevant mini-series like 20th Century FOX's Genius: Aretha, to episodic series like CW's Dynasty, BET's Being Mary Jane, AMC's Hap & Leonard and OWN's beloved mega-church drama, Greenleaf.

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