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Recent projects

Below are some samples of recent projects. Let them inspire and I look forward to what your next project will develop.

The Journey Towards Becoming an Oscar-Winning Art Director

Embarking on my career path has resembled a meandering journey, with twists and turns leading to unexpected destinations. My pursuit of the dream of becoming an Oscar-winning art director is a testament to this winding path. It’s a journey that…

Unlocking the Secrets of Genre Cinematic Conventions

In the world of cinema, understanding genre conventions is like deciphering a secret code that unlocks the essence of storytelling. In one of my film classes, I embarked on an intriguing assignment designed to deepen our comprehension of these conventions.…

Ophelia: Universal Muse

Thought you all might get a kick out of reading a Contemporary Art term paper I wrote for visiting SCAD professor Karl Christoph Kluetsch. I enjoyed the freeing dialog of the class and also found the origin of my feminine…